as a kid, i wanted to be a photographer for the National Geographic. it turns out that i was meant to photo a different kind of wild life. yours.

i've been shooting professionally here in portland for nine years now, though i've always considered myself an artist.  my aesthetic is for those with a discerning eye.  i avoid portraiture clichés and trends that will date your photos. i intend to create heirlooms of your family that your grandchildren will fight over. 

i want your photos to feel like the early childhood scene sequence in terrence malick's film, The Tree Of Life.  earnest.  timeless.  like life is moving at three quarter speed.  hair and curtains caught in the wind that is almost as loud as the blood rushing in your ears and the leaves rustling above.  weighty and heart-achingly beautiful.

i've been called a magician.  i know all the quirks and pitfalls of family photography, and i navigate them deftly.  i have seen it all, and there is no child behavior that i can't roll with.  in fact, spirited children make for the best photos.

i am based out of portland, but my family and i can be found living and loving in the wilds of oregon, wandering the cascade forests, windy sand dunes, and high desert.  i shoot both digital and film and my work has been described as serene, quiet and nostalgic. 

i'm into:  rare cacti . bronze eyeliner . tibet golden tea . indian beach . sturgill simpson . unmade beds of fluffy white linens . piñon incense . johnny cash . winter camellias . mt st helens . abandoned houses . welwitschia mirabilis . the 70s . canadian tuxedos . macramé . sauvie island . moroccan mint tea . mcm . getz/gilberto . squash blossom turquoise . pablo neruda . stiegl radlers . finding rolls of undeveloped film at goodwill . devil's elbow . lemon la croix . caftans . the flying burrito brothers . rose quartz . brass animals . desert scrublands . willie nelson . fog...

i love messy kid hair.  real life.  old houses full of plants and art and sentimental objects.  kid drawings and rambunctious pets.  photos that make you feel something. fleeting split seconds.

i'll capture those split seconds for you in the natural portland light.  xo

katidimoff by yanphoto portland photographer.JPG

this photo of me and my family is by yan photo