as a kid, i wanted to be a photographer for the national Geographic.  it turns out that i was meant to photo a different kind of wild life.  yours.

i've been shooting professionally for eight years now, though i've always considered myself an artist.  my aesthetic is for those with a discerning eye.  i avoid portraiture clichés and trends that will date your photos. i intend to create heirlooms of your family that your grandchildren will fight over. 

i want your photos to feel like the early childhood scene sequence in terrence malick's film, the tree of life.  earnest.  timeless.  like life is moving at three quarter speed.  hair and curtains caught in the wind that is almost as loud as the blood rushing in your ears and the leaves rustling above.  weighty and heart-achingly beautiful.

i've been called a magician.  i know all the quirks and pitfalls of family photography, and i navigate them deftly.  i have seen it all, and there is no child behavior that i can't roll with.

i'm into:  rare cacti . bronze eyeliner . tibet golden tea . indian beach . sturgill simpson . fluffy white linens . piñon incense . johnny cash . winter camellias . mt st helens . abandoned houses . welwitschia mirabilis . the 70s . canadian tuxedos . macramé . sauvie island . moroccan mint tea . mcm . getz/gilberto . squash blossom turquoise . pablo neruda . stiegl radlers . finding rolls of undeveloped film at goodwill . devil's elbow . lemon la croix . caftans . the flying burrito brothers . rose quartz . brass animals . the desert . willie nelson . fog . cascade forests... 

i love messy kid hair.  real life.  old houses full of plants and art and sentimental objects.  kid drawings and rambunctious pets.  photos that make you feel something. fleeting split seconds.

i'll capture those split seconds for you in the natural portland light.  xo

katidimoff by yanphoto portland photographer.JPG



kati. omg. shut up!!!!!! these are freaking amazing!!!  they are more beautiful than i could have ever imagined. thank you so much for capturing my beautiful family. wow, i can't believe how cute we are LOL. but seriously, thank you so much. my kids call you the "beautiful beach lady." isn't that the cutest?? in their mind, we were just playing on the beach and some beautiful beach lady came up and started taking pictures of us. ha ha ha. perfect. just as it should be. you're amazing. thank you!   -  rachael holland


seriously, kati!  i don't know HOW you do it every time. you're a magician. and i love you for it. THANK YOU and your magic eye.  - kado gorman


i love them! thank you again. the only photographer i know who can make hot, sweaty and flippant look ethereal...If only they knew.   - phoebe ebright


kati - you did an amazing job!!!  thank you thank you!!!!  i can't wait to make a book and someday frame some of these!!  i will wait for our new house and new layout - but this is so fun to think about. i can't wait to make these a part of our daily viewing!!  xoxoxo  - stacy bostrom


kati....how is it possible?  EVERY. DAMN. ONE of them are a masterpiece.  EVERY. ONE.  you have a gift, my friend, that is uncanny.  i heart you so much!  - olivia jones


we are in love with our pictures!!!!! thank you so much! you truly never disappoint!  - kristine bounketh


OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG  i want to cry.  you have made my dreams come true!  now I need to sign up for another session at the coast!  THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for this.  NO words can fully express what these photos mean to me.  you are so talented, beautiful and lovely.  sitting here at work just taken away by these.  - julia ahlet





this photo of my family is by yan photo