Picking out outfits and preparing for photos can feel daunting!  Somewhere between "too much" and "not enough" is the perfect combination that will look effortless, flatter your bods, complement your skin tones, and work with (not against) the colors in your natural surroundings.  And I am here to help!


Moms, I think you’re amazing just the way you are, and so do your kids! But you know yourself best.  You may not care about the following ideas (and if so feel free to skip!  I’m jealous!) but if any or all of the following things would make you feel great about yourself and give you that confidence boost you need to relax in front of the camera, then girl, by all means, practice that self-care!

For the Week Before:

+ Drink a lot of water.

+ Use hyaluronic acid and a great moisturizer morning and night, fight blemishes.

+ Get your hairs did.

+ Spray tan - No need to go crazy, just a little to counteract the “oregon winter” look.

+ Nails - I suggest simple and natural. Just short and square with white or neutral gel polish.

+ Eyebrows / Lashes.

For the Morning Of:

+ Try to get good sleep.  Though this is probably the main thing that Murphy’s Law will use to sabotage you, haha!  Enlist your partner for help with this if you can, or just commit to going with the flow and not stressing - your positive energy is key to your kids’ mood!

+ Blow & Go dry bar.

+ Hit the Nordstrom make-up counter or hire a professional to give you a bright, fresh, fun, natural look.  Think dewy instead of powder.

+ Order some CBD in your latte!

+ Give yourself the grace and time to not feel rushed!


I believe that the colors/fabrics/movement/vibes are part of the magic.


+  You can all be in different colors and as long as those colors look good together, you're all set.

+  An example of a good mix: you in a flowy blush colored dress, husband in brown pants and a light chambray button up, son in a light grey v-neck tee and army green pants, daughter in a ditsy floral or cream romper.  All colors coordinate but don't necessarily "match".

+ Yes to all the bubble rompers on babies and toddlers!

+ Include sheer and textured fabrics like swiss dots or gold sparkles that catch the light & wind, have great movement, and don’t constrict.

+ For indoors and the beach, bare feet are all you need!  Enjoy not worrying about having to style everyone’s shoes!

+ Having photogenic Natursutten passies or Quoddle bottles allows us to shoot through feedings and soothings without missing a beat. Of course, your boobs are also plenty photogenic!


+  I strongly recommend against having a color "theme" or one color that everyone has on in some way.  That takes your look straight from cohesive to matchy-matchy and you want to avoid that!

+ Stop yourself from defaulting to everyone in jeans or a blue and white theme.  One person in jeans is plenty.

+ Avoid over-accessorizing the kids. I recommend kids wear limited hair accessories and I love messy kid hair! But if it’s a must for you, I suggest the small or medium velvet or linen bows from Wunderkin.


Go-To Colors:

+  Neutrals including cream, gold sparkles, light grey, light chambray, burnt orange, beige, brown leather.  

+  Pops of color to mix in are blush, mustard, army green, mauve, plum, dark turquoise, field grey.  

+ Black, though neutral, is great but it should be treated like a pop color!

Colors to Avoid:

+ All primary colors.

+ “Hot” Colors.

+ Baby Pink and Baby Blue.

+ Patterns that cause a moiré effect in photos (like thin stripes). If you’re wondering about a specific pattern, just ask!

Suggested Retailers:

+ Moms:  Free People, Target, Dôen, Madewell, Roolee, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, The Bee & The Fox, Piper & Scoot, Bohème, Stevie Henderson, ASOS, Topshop, One Loved Babe

+ Dads: Target, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom

+ Kids: Zara, H&M, Nordstrom

+ Toddlers: Zara, H&M, Smallable, Jamie Kay, Nordstrom

+ Babies: Zara, H&M, Smallable, Jamie Kay, Fawnshoppe, Nordstrom

Check out my pinterest for ideas!

I LOVE helping coordinate outfits and personal shopping so let's work on it together!

I am always available to text with questions - even from a dressing room!  503.330.8558

One final thing, rules are meant to be broken so none of these recommendations are hard and fast.  Remember this is supposed to be fun! Let's come up with a plan together!

- Kati