my clients are the best . here are some of the things they’ve said about me:

kati is a magician. i couldn’t be more pleased. this is not at all how i experienced that morning - she truly is a miracle worker. she was such an amazing and calming spirit to work with. i look forward to spreading the word. her work is beautiful. she truly captured the spirit of our little family. i’m in love with these photos.
— kimbery howard, mom of twin two year old boys
oh what an awesome treat!! these are AMAZING! you are so talented. i am over the moon!! thank you so much, kati!
— jenna wilson, ace & jig
i want to cry. you have made my dreams come true! now I need to sign up for another session at the coast! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this. NO words can fully express what these photos mean to me. you are so talented, beautiful and lovely. sitting here at work just taken away by these.
— julia ahlet
i am DYING!! these are so beautiful. thank you again, you truly are the best. we are so lucky to work with you. xo
— leslie nevius
seriously, kati! i don’t know HOW you do it every time. you’re a magician. and i love you for it. THANK YOU and your magic eye.
— kado gorman, mother of dragons
they are more beautiful than i could have ever imagined. thank you so much for capturing my beautiful family. wow, i can’t believe how cute we are LOL. but seriously, thank you so much. my kids call you the “beautiful beach lady.” isn’t that the cutest? in their mind, we were just playing on the beach and some beautiful beach lady came up and started taking pictures of us. perfect. just as it should be. you’re amazing. thank you!
— rachael holland, mom of twin two year old girls
we are in love with our pictures! thank you so much! you truly never disappoint!
— kristine bounketh is it possible? EVERY. DAMN. ONE of them is a masterpiece. EVERY. ONE. you have a gift, my friend, that is uncanny. i heart you so much!
— olivia jones, mom of twin 8 year old girls
you did an amazing job! thank you thank you! i can’t wait to make a book and frame these! i can’t wait to make them a part of our daily viewing!
— stacy bostrom, photographer
i love love love them! oh they look so pretty and magical. you’ve really captured wren’s spirit and i’ll always treasure these special photos. thank you so much!
— ying knipe
holy HECK! these are so awesome, and I’m so grateful to you. thank you, kati, for making us look so good. thank you thank you thank you!
— emily zahniser
lady! thank you so much! i love love love them! you captured us perfectly. and i just adore the ones you got of me with each child separately that is so exactly them. thank you! i am so lucky to have these. i’m blown away.
— jonya streeper, photographer
i’m speechless. once again you created magic! i love every photo!
— alyssa o'banion
k dimoff photography mama kisses.jpg