in-home sessions make for some of my absolute favorite sessions all year.  instead of worrying about rain, who's getting dirty, what shoes everyone's wearing, what you're going to sit on, who's eating rocks, etc... it's cozy and intimate and snuggly.  with snacks and hot chocolate nearby - or beer and mimosas, hello!  and beautiful chiaroscuro-style window light in winter.  not to mention, photos in your home are completely unique to you!

that being said, you literally only need a few of the most well-lit corners of your home tidied up (usually your bedroom, your front room and your porch) and you don't even need to deep clean.  seriously.  i'm not judgey and i'll never zoom in on your dust.  you throw the plastic living room toys in a closet and clean off your nightstands and that is it!  i'll do the rest!  in fact, i always hope clients leave their children's artwork taped to the walls and pets, even rambunctious pets, are always welcome.  call me crazy, but i even think cozy unmade beds with fluffy white linens look great in photos.  a lot of my clients worry that their homes aren't "magazine-ready" and i totally understand that apprehension, but i promise you that a lived-in, loved-in home full of your special, sentimental things is what makes your photos special.  and i have a pretty eclectic notion of what "magazine-ready" means anyway!


+  open all blinds, shutters, and curtains all the way before i get there so that we have maximum natural light.  please let me know if you have indoor plantation shutters.

+  green plants or cut flowers always add life to a space and green and pink tones really compliment my editing style.  new seasons always has the best cut flowers!

+  white bed linens are best to brighten up the space, reflect neutral light, and avoid additional color cast on your skin


one final thing, rules are meant to be broken so none of these recommendations are hard and fast.  let's come up with a plan together!  xo