i LOVE hashing out outfits!  and i'm here to help!  i recommend lighter, muted secondary and tertiary colors and patterns - no primary colors - mixed with neutrals like cream, blush, grey, chambray, denim, khaki, brown leather, and bronze or gold sparkles, as well as ditsy florals and lush textiles. and i just want this to look natural, as if you all were to dress to go to the farmers market (fun, cute, appropriately seasonal, but not wedding-level dressy, and you would never make sure everyone "matches" to go to the farmers market).   i recommend no more than one person in a family wearing jeans. mixing textures and patterns and fabrics with movement always adds to the look, though some patterns can add an unwelcome moire effect to your images, so running patterns by me before our session is recommended.  i always say at least one of the dudes in a family can just be in something as simple as a grey v-neck tee to prove that this does not have to be expensive or dressy to look amazing. a cream or blush colored dress or top on mom is a good go-to.  trust me!  you'll glow. and you'll look heavenly surrounded by your family.  i had our family photos done recently (it's so hard for me to be on the other side of the camera so i completely understand if you feel that way as well) and i just wore a cream colored caftan top from forever 21 and some wine colored skinny jeans.  you can spend a million dollars if you want, i can prove you don't have to. if you want to lay out your favorite combo together on a bed and text me a pic of it, i can always let you know if an item or two should be swapped out.  feel free to text me and bounce ideas, even from a shop dressing room!  503.330.8558


in-home sessions make for some of my absolute favorite sessions all year.  instead of worrying about rain, who's getting dirty, what shoes everyone's wearing, what you're going to sit on, who's eating rocks, etc... it's cozy and intimate and snuggly.  with snacks and hot chocolate nearby - or beer and mimosas, hello!  and beautiful chiaroscuro-style window light in winter.  not to mention, photos in your home are completely unique to you!

that being said, you literally only need a few of the most well-lit corners of your home tidied up (usually your bedroom, your front room and your porch) and you don't even need to deep clean.  seriously.  i'm not judgey and i'll never zoom in on your dust.  you throw the plastic living room toys in a closet and clean off your nightstands and that is it!  i'll do the rest!  in fact, i always hope clients leave their children's artwork taped to the walls and pets, even rambunctious pets, are always welcome.  i even think cozy unmade beds with fluffy white linens look great in photos.  call me crazy but it's true!

+  open all blinds, shutters, and curtains all the way before i get there so that we have maximum natural light

+  green plants or cut flowers always add life to a space

+  white bed linens are best to brighten up the space, reflect light, and avoid additional color cast on your skin


one final thing, rules are meant to be broken so none of these recommendations are hard and fast.  let's come up with a plan together!  xo